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Sustainable Forestry

Sustainable Forestry

A deep and abiding stewardship ethic is not a recent development at RMS.

Neither is it a marketing ploy nor  a public relations tactic designed to create a desired impression with a target audience. One of our founders, John Bradley, included the following stewardship statement in company reports and forest management plans in the late 1950s.

  • "If the seasons of husbandry be not interfered with, the grain will be more than can be eaten. If close nets are not allowed to enter the pools and ponds, the fishes and turtles will be more than can be used. If the axes and bills enter the hills and forests only at the proper time, the wood will be more than can be used. When the grain and fish and turtles are more than can be eaten, and there is more wood than can be used, this enables the people to nourish their living and bury their dead, without any feeling against any. This condition, in which the people nourish their living and bury their dead without any feeling against any, is the first step of the royal government."

    The Chinese philosopher Mencius, 255 B.C.

All RMS-managed properties are third-party certified in accordance with the principles, objectives and indicators outlined  in the  Forest Stewardship Council standard (Brazil) or the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Standard (United States). Third-party certification verification is conducted by internationally accredited and recognized registrars for forest and environmental certification. We believe it is good business to be third-party certified to a credible standard for the following reasons:

  • Sustainable forest management, verified by third-party  certification, is the right thing to do during our tenure as stewards of the forests we manage.
  • Third-party certification is an investment in maintaining our social license to grow, manage, and harvest forests in a manner that meets client objectives.
  • Third-party certification brings fiduciary value to our clients, our customers, and to the public as it is a visible and transparent statement that our forests are sustainably managed for multiple forest values, including forest products, clean air and water, wildlife and fish habitat, as well as providing recreational opportunity.
  • Third-party certification promotes pride in management among our employees - certification occurs when exemplary forest management practices are in place and actively practiced on a daily basis.